Chitral traditionally has been a liberal society. Historians have elucidated the forgotten fact that women had been a vital force in most of the poetry of ‘Ashurjaaan’. There even was a lady ‘Hakim’ in past, and most importantly warrior or player like the mother of ‘Baygaal’ who tried to take revenge from the prince by playing polo against him. He was the same Prince who slayed the lady’s son for his exceptional skills in the game… This girl has taken a first step to break the years-long glass ceiling that never traces back to our tradition.

Don’t you think this can help bring back the lost glory and forgotten historical values that once’d been parallel to our identity. What’s your take on it ? Share your views.



  • Zeest

    November 17, 2016 #1 Author

    Melodious voice.
    We should appreciate girls and women to express themselves and excel in every field of their interest. Culture should not be a barrier in expressing their talent. Due to too much pressure, girls are committing sucide and in fact marrying older guy from down the country in order to escape suffocation and too much restriction in traditional families.


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