The climate of Chitral is distinguished by calm, wet winters and hot, dry summers with very less rain fall. But the change in weather patterns have been observed from the past few years, which has resulted in unpredictable torrential rains in summers with thunderstorms causing flash floods and GLOF events mostly in the months of July & August. However, temperatures in summers range between 25 and 40 °C which are very favorable for spending vacations in this area.


Winters are part of the year but are unwelcomed by the people of Chitral because of the heavy snowfalls, harsh winds, closure of roads for up to five or six months resulting in deprivation of essential commodities. The surrounding Hindukush Mountains remain ice-capped throughout the season resulting in drops in temperatures to below minus degrees during the night causing frosting.It is said that Alexander the Great’s troops had to battle through the snow on their passage to Pakistan, and called the Hindukush the ‘Parapamisus’ which means such mountains over which no eagle can fly.


Weather in spring is unpredictable with frequent rains and casual snowfall. But it is the most pleasant season in Chitral. The morning is cheerful with the birds singing. The noon is calm & soothing, the eveningchilly. The nights make you feel relaxed and in the refreshing winds every object of nature looks breathtakingly beautiful. The beauty of spring make the people forget their sorrows, and that’s why people of Chitral welcome it through different festivals. In this season of festivals, festival like Joshi, Spring Polo and Nauroz are celebrated with great zeal and love.


Autumn is serene with mild temperatures and beautiful colors all around. Autumn in Chitral is the second spring for them where every leaf is a flower. The array of fall colors ranging from yellow to red to golden present a very fascinating, magical and eye-catching view.


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