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Chitral town in the Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa province is a famous stopover for both tourists and trekkers specially during summer months.There are multiple options to reach Chitral from Islamabad or Peshawar.

PIA runs flights to Chitral twice or thrice a week, depending on weather, from Islamabad and Peshawar. All the flights depart early in the morning. One way fare is around Rs.7000. Islamabad-Chitral flight time is 40 minutes. As with other northern areas bound flights, Chitral flights are always weather dependent and often get cancelled due to bad weather specially around lowari pass.

To travel by road, best option is to take 25 seat flying coach from Pirwadhai bus station in Rawalpindi through the service run by Chitral Travels. Two coaches leave every night at 8:00pm. The route passes through Dir and crosses Lowari Pass at 3100 meters and takes around 12-14 hours in total to reach Chitral. Fare for this one way journey is Rs.1000-1500.

From Peshawar, buses and vans leave for Chitral more frequently than Rawalpindi and take 10-12 hours.

Another option from Islamabad is to go to Dir first and get Chitral bound van or jeep from there. From main Pirwadhai bus station a daily bus leaves for Dir at night while hiace vans operate more frequently on different timings. If there is no direct service available for Dir, one can go to Mardan from where regular transport leaves for Dir.

Dir-Chitral road remains closed from late November to late May every year because of heavy snowfall at Lowari Pass. During this time, vehicles cannot cross the pass and it has to be crossed on foot. Work is still in progress on the much awaited Lowari Tunnel and is expected now to be completed in August 2017. Once operational, the 8.6 km long tunnel will cut the Chitral travel time by half and will also make it possible to travel on this road even in winters.



Your Complete Guide To Best Affordable Hotels/Guest Houses In Chitral

Hindukush Heights Hotel Chitral

Hindukush heights hotel is by far the best hotel in Chitral.Tatler,UK,in its travel guide 2010 ranks it among the best 101 hotels in the world.The hindukush heights hotel is set on the side of a hills with a fine view of the valley and chitral town.Hindukush heights hotel is located in singoor at a distance of 10km from chitral bazar.

Hindukush 1
Hindukush 2


The emphasis is firmly on local design and craftmaneship.It has its own hydroelectrcity and the water in to the hotel is gravity fed from a mountain spring.A Tastefully decorated dinning room serves a variety of continental and pakistani dishes.

PTDC Motel Chitral

The PTDC motel chitral is located in the center of the citywith well furnished,comfortable rooms and a restaurant offering pakistani and wetern cuisine.The motel also offers rent-a-jeep ,telephone,fax,satellite tv and laundery.

PTDC Motel Chitral

PTDC Bumburet

PTDC Bumburet is located at a distance of 2 hour drive from Chitral Motel PTDC,has constructed a motel facility at bumburet to facilitate the increasing number of visitors who come from across the world to meet and study the social and ethnic life style of the Kalash.The motel has beautiful lounge and a restaurant offering continental and pakistani dishes.

PTDC Bubmburet

PTDC Booni

At a distance of 75km from chitral this motel is ideally situated with magnificient view of the sorrounding mountains.It is enroute to Shandoor.This is a nice motel for families and individual.This motel has a restaurant offering Pakistani and continental dishes.

PTDC Booni
PTDC Booni
PTDC Booni

PTDC Mastuj

This motel is located at a distance of 4 hour drive from chitral and about 107 km from chitral enroute famous shandoor pass.This particular spot is sorrounded by a cluster of beautiful hills and lofty mountains.Motel is fully equipped with all modern comforts,elegantly furnished rooms with a resturant offering continental and pakistani cuisine.

PTDC Mastuj
PTDC Mastuj 2

Terich Mir View Hotel

Located on the Shahi Masjid Road, the is a cost efficient accommodation solution for the tourists and travelers headed to Chitral on a budget. The hotel offers nice and clean rooms and has courteous staff to make its guests feel welcomed.The hotel also offers complimentary Wi-Fi. All of the rooms in the Terich Mir View Hotel are neat and clean and come equipped with a flat screen TV, an en-suite bathroom, sofas, study desk and a table lamp.

Terich Mir View Hotel
Terich Mir View Hotel 2

Hotel Injigan Garam Chasma

This hotel is located at a distance of 50km from Chitral in the beautiful valley of Garam chashma.Hotel Injigan is one of the favorite places to bed down. After a full day of fishing and climbing relish their nice sultry swimming pool. The prices are plausible additionally. This is a great place for couples and families kindred for recollections to last a life time. Fishing sanctions can be obtained at the Fishery Department in Chitral afore leaving for the valley.

Garam Chashma
Garam Chashma 2


Don’t Miss Out On These Travel Essentials Before You Embark On Your Journey To Chitral


If you are planning a trip to Chitral- which can be a tourist’s dream destination considering the beauty it has to offer thinking that all you have might have to do is pack a bag and leave for your trip, you may have to think again. As mush as it is exciting to know that Chitral is literally heaven on earth one must also keep in mind a few dos and donts before travelling to Chitral to ensure that there are no obstacles they may end up facing especially while travelling with family.

If you are planning a trip to Chitral- which can be a tourist’s dream destination considering the beauty it has to offer thinking that all you have might have to do is pack a bag and leave for your trip, you may have to think again. As mush as it is exciting to know that Chitral is literally heaven on earth one must also keep in mind a few dos and donts before travelling to Chitral to ensure that there are no obstacles they may end up facing especially while travelling with family.

The idea of travelling to such places should always be to stay close to mother nature and experience the unimaginable beauty they have to offer. Thus, it is always a bad idea to spend lavishly on hotels as you can never experience the true feel of being in Chitral. The perfect trip would consist of staying in camps, mingling with the locals, going to local festivals, eating fresh fruits and enjoying the long, river walks.

Following should be the travel essentials before you embark on this journey.

-If needed, wear clothes in layers.

Before travelling to any place, you need to have a fair idea of the weather forecast to pack clothes accordingly. For travelling to Chitral, do not forget to pack warm clothes and a waterproof jacket as the weather can get hot in the noon and extremely cold at night. It can rain anytime too. Wearing thick clothes is not a smart idea as once the sun hit, you may not be able to do anything about it and will be stuck sweating in an uncomfortable outfit. Having worn clothes in layers will let you take them off whenever necessary; simple and handy especially if you are not used to the cold. For women it is recommended to take a chaadar at all times because it is a conservative area around the Bazaar.

-The right kind of shoes is very important.

Most of the areas in Chitral are hilly, rocky, muddy, icy, wet or grassy. There is hardly any plain land so you will need comfortable trekking shoes/joggers that have considerable amount of grip. No heels or flip flops would work because most of your time would be spent walking.

-First aid kit is a must.

There are pharmacies in Chitral but you may not find them at every nook and corner which means you may not always find a pharmacy close to the place you are staying at. So before you head out, make sure you pick up basic medicines for cold, flu, something for a sore throat, plaster (band aids), diarrhea, upset stomach, motion sickness etc.

-Memories shall always be captured.

Nature and moments always want to be captured to be forever etched in our memory. To capture those moments cameras are to be taken along with whichever gadgets we deem fit for recording.Extra batteries should be carried along of phones and all the gadgets as load shedding is a constant problem. Telenor is the only network which works in most of the areas, so that should be taken along to maintain connection with the people back home. A small LED torch or flashlight can be taken along for the nights.

-Other essentials.

The other basics should include things like toiletries, umbrella, hat, water bottle, sun glasses, sun block, moisturizers, mosquito repellants, socks. Carrying your favorite snacks would also be important as there are no big stores there.


Make Your Trip Much More Fulfilling By Knowing These Few Khowar Words

Few Khowar words you should know before your Chitral adventure.
Chitral being a tourism destination allows its visitors to feel very comfortable and at home without having to speak Khowar. However, the ability to communicate with the local people in their own language will make the trip much more fulfilling.
Knowing how to at least say “Hello” or “Thank you” would definitely be considered very polite and make the locals feel that their culture is respected and valued.
Understanding what the people around you are saying is always a good idea especially while traveling and makes you feel more at home than anything else. Lets take a look at some important Khowar words and trips which would always benefit you as a tourist in Chitral.

1. How are you? – Kicha Asus?
2. I am fine – Jaam asum
3. What’s your name ? – ta kia naam?
4. I am here from Lahore/karachi/Peshawar – awa lahorar/ Karachiar/ peshwarar
5. This place is so beautiful – haya Jaga bo sheli
6. You are so pretty – tu bo sheli
7. I am enjoying – matay maza koyan
8. where are you going? – Kui bisan?
9. The weather is so pleasant – mosim bo sheli sher
10. I am going, bye – Awa baghatm, Khuda Yar