Set your sights on amazing attractions that make Chitral a don’t-miss destination! Visiting photo gallery will help you incorporate area attractions into your personalized plans to visit Chitral. From the beautiful Nagar fort to the National Gol park, don’t miss your chance to discover “only in Chitral” experiences that will be memorable for you. Chitral is a very small town owing one bazaar and few hotels for the tourists. Where the bazaar ends, along the river side, there’s Palace of Mehtar and Chitral fort.  If going to galleries and museums will make your visit memorable, don’t miss Chitral’s ‘Shahi Qilla’ and ‘Chitral museum’. There are alot of things to do in Chitral.

You will be surprised to find great free things to do in Chitral! Our area is graced with sparkling lakes and stunning landscapes that lend themselves to endless hours of outdoor fun. Plus, river walk, parks and cultural places are all you can enjoy for free. you can simply spend little—while seeing a lot—in this beautiful region. The valley which is full of charm in every way is the most preferably visited places by not only the locals but also the foreigners.

We’re also known for our love of live music. When you visit Chitral, you’ll quickly discover it is a place where the musical events are plentiful! You can even attend a musical night in weddings happening around you as it doesn’t require any invitation :)



There are multiple eye-catching attractions in Chitral to visit. These places will create the best place in your minds which you can cherish for the rest of your life. [Read More]



While visiting Chitral, all you think is attending festivals, enjoying spectator sports and going for a river walk. Luckily, when you visit Chitral there is much more to do![Read More]


Sports & Recreation

The game of Polo was born in Chitral. The people here have a passion for the game which borders madness. Every village boasts of having a polo ground and any one[Read More]


Art & Culture

In routine Chitralies wear Shalwar and Kameez, while in winters they wear traditional items made of local patti. These items include woolen cap (Pakol), waist-coat (Waskat) and long Coat (Shuqa).[Read More]



Chitral forms Pakistan’s northwestern border with Afghanistan, and is home to the precipitous mountains of the Hindkush. The area is ideal for mountaineering, trekking and nature watching. [Read More]

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No wonder, Shopping is one of the favourite activities of people who visit Chitral! As it is a cheap place to shop for interesting and unusual items; particularly the handicrafts made by locals[Read More]

The arrival of spring brings flowers, fresh air and a cornucopia of things to do in Chitral, KPK! It’s considered to be the best time to visit Chitral as you can catch up with Kalash’s Chilimjusht festival (also called Joshi festival) in early May which normally lasts for four days. It is celebrated to welcome the spring season in the scenic Kalash valley in Chitral. Main feature of the festival is selection of life partner for unmarried boys and girls. Kalash men and women are seen shopping for the festival in the Chitral bazaars while in the valleys they are busy in preparing traditional dresses for the festival.

The festival is organised by the Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP) in collaboration with district administration of Chitral. The participation of local and foreign tourists is usually tremendous and almost all the hotels in the Bumburate valley are booked well before the commencement of the festival. Sometimes The hotels receive more tourists than the capacity they have for the visiting guests. so it’s better to plan your visit in advance. Stringent security arrangements are taken particularly the foreign tourists are provided protection by the special security teams.

Chitralis are fanatical about sports. Attending a football game is a must when you visit town Chitral in fall! Sports fans should also check out the scedule for jashne chitral, which brings many diverse sporting events to the area. If spectator sports are more your thing, sit back and enjoy nearly every event a fan can wish for, from football to polo matches, hosted in many of surrounding communities.

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