Jashn-e-Nauroz literally means a new day, and it brings hope and joy at the onset of the new year. Among ancient festivals, Nauroz is one which has been celebrated in the Persian world and beyond with immense excitement and festivities in the course of a very long history and continues to be a culturally bonding force. Although the Nauruz tradition goes back to ancient Persia, the largest volume of literature that is inspired by it belongs to the Muslim era. Nauruz is a celebration of the unfolding of beauty in the natural world, expression of gratitude for its many gifts, and also for the blessings of freedom and human dignity.

Nauroz Chitral

Different games are played by the youth-folk while the elders pay visits to their relatives and friends. The first day of the year in the local calendar is also reckoned from this day and the elders make special prayers for happiness throughout the year. Most of the engagements for new couples are made on this day.

Nauroz - Chitral

In Chitral, Nouroz marks the arrival of the New Year and spring season. The festival is celebrated in Mastuj, Laspur, Yarkhoon, Khot, Rech, Karimabad and Lotkoh valleys on 21st March. The main feature of the festival is general cleanliness of the houses, exchange of gifts and merry-making of different natures including musical concerts.

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