Baroghol Festival

Boroghol Festival annually held in Baroghol – a valley 13,000 feet above sea level located at the junction of Chitral, Wakhan and Tajikistan. Wakhan corridor- a narrow strip of Badakhshan province of Afghanistan between Pakistan and Tajikistan can be viewed from this beautiful valley.

yak polo

The main events of the Baroghol Festival include the horse polo, yak polo and the Buz kashi (completing a round carrying a goat carcass by a horse rider defending himself against the opponent riders). During horse and cattle show the livestock of the valley, including yak, sheep, ram, goat, cow and ox are made to pass around a circle. In addition, local womenfolk exhibit and sell the local cuisine and also sell locally made handicrafts of Wakhi culture. Tourists enjoy the cuisine and participate in musical concerts, dance to the beat of Wakhi music and ride yaks and mountain ponies as well. Apart from these many attractions, Tourist can go to Chianter Glacier, Karumber Lake and trek to the famous Darwaz Pass.

With every passing year more events are being featured in the festival. The location and the festival is an amazing destination for tourists. Promoting this festival can go a long way in promoting tourism and alleviate poverty in this remote part of Chitral.

Boroghul Yak Polo
Wakhan People