Delightful Places to Visit in Chitral

There are multiple eye-catching attractions in Chitral to visit. These places will create the best place in your minds which you can cherish for the rest of your life. The natural and serene atmosphere of Chitral compels one to live there forever. The evergreen charm of the area is highly captivating and makes the viewer praise the wonders. Let’s read about some of these amazing and breathtaking places that one must visit in Chitral.

Chitral Museum

Chitral museum is situated right near the famous Polo ground of Chitral. The Museum is stuffed with weapons, antiques and other historical things from the era of monarchies providing an overflow of knowledge regarding the culture and history of Kalash and Chitral people.

Chitral Musuem

Tirich Mir

This is a haughty mountainous peak which is highest in Hindukush range. In a beautifully clear weather, Tirich Mir is sighted from the higher place of town. It can be viewed from Chitral King’s palace as well. The mountain is largest in the entire world next to Karakoram and Himalaya ranges.


Shahi Fort or Shahi Qila

Shahi Fort is located beside Shahi Mosque of Chitral. The fort is apparently the best for kingly residence as it depicts a touch of royalty. Unfortunately the fort is private property due to which one needs permission for visiting it from the inside.

Chitral Fort

Shahi Mosque or Shahi Masjid

The great Shahi Mosque was constructed in 1924 A.D. the structure was impressively built by Mehtar of Chitral called Shujaul Mulk. The Shahi masjid has massively popular for its powerful and cultural style of architecture.

shahi-masjid chitral

Governor Cottage

This is one another enchanting building that exists in Chitral. When the weather is not foggy, one can conveniently view the mountain’s peak “Tirich Mir” from this place.


Chitral Polo Ground

Surprisingly, polo is the most favorite and famous games played in Chitral. That is why many polo grounds are made in Chitral. The most popular ground is situated in Chitral town. Visitors pay a visit to the ground and gather information concerning the interesting game and you might turn out to be the lucky one to enjoy and win the match.

chitral polo ground

Garam Chashma

Gharam Chashma when translated in English comes as “Warm Spring.” It’s largely popular around and outside the country for its warm waters in spring. The wonderful place is famous for trout fish, heavenly environment and precious stones.



This is a charming and exquisite resort. It’s located at a distance of 14.5 km from Chitral. The attractive place is definitely worth visiting.


Golen and Koghuzi

For about 14 km from Chitral, Golen and Koghuzi are said to be pieces of heaven on the planet earth. The valley glows with lush meadows, colorful spring, canals, adoring landscapes, bright flowers and fruits.


Ayun Valley

The marvelously catchy and most suggested tourist site Ayun Valley is famous for its stupendous beauty. Ayun Valley is located between Kalash and Chitral Town. It’s sited at bank of Chitral River. Hospitality is a big and attractive part of Chitrali culture and one can easily be startled by the humble, hospitable and cooperative nature of the people of this dazzling valley.

Ayun Valley

Nagar Fort

Nagar Fort, at Nagar is situated near Chitral Valley north of Pakistan. It was built in early nineteen hundreds by the order of the then Mehtar of Chitral, HH Sir Shuja Ul Mulk. It was originally constructed as a winter resort by the Mehtar. Surrounded by water from three sides, its accessible through a suspension bridge that prevails the charm of the Fort. The Fort has an Outer Gate, houses an Outer Court, Inner Gate and an Inner Courtyard. There are a number of Gardens and in their maintenance a keen interest is shown. A profusion of roses, daffodils and herbaceous plants scent the air. March, April and May are months when the gardens are full of flowering trees and shrubs, while the other months have many interesting delights. Majestic views of the surrounding mountains can be fully appreciated from the Nagar Fort.


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